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I'm in the library with Sissy and Justine. Sissy was looking up funny pictures of animals for some project she's doing. Pretty strange pictures. Justine's in pain from dance or somthing, no clue. I should be doing my Spanish project, but I'm not because Caryn refuses to help even though I'm not doing anything either. I went to auditions yesturday as well except all I did was sit around and ocassionally went out to see Naomi in the Ballet because I had auditioned the day before. Some of the people were really good, like Arianna. Some were really bad, like Brenna. Joking, Brenna was awesome! Good job, Brenna! I hope Brenna gets a speaking role, she was really good. Courtney was too! Anyway, my audition... I didn't hear anyone sing unless I was walking by All Purpose 1. I heard Amy, she was amazing. I also heard Sean, he's no longer a boy soprano. I also heard myself, I don't know how I did. However, Mrs Curylo and Mrs Buck told me to sing the high note at the end of Gooch's Song, I hit it. Allison was great when she acted Vera's part and Starry was the best Gloria! The dancing, ugh, I hated it, but when don't I? Afterwards, I was outside with Paul, Theresa, Darryl and Paul's sister, Elaine. There was thunder and lightning and Paul stood in the middle of the parking lot pretending he was some kind of storm God, funny kid. So yesturday I drove with Mr Kinel for the first time, it was well. I was driving with both feet though lol. Left foot for the brake, right foot for the gas. We drove around Sheri's neighborhood for a while then I was told to drive down to pick up this girl, Ashley, at her house. Mr Kinel had Ashley and I switch and she drove me home. I get to drive again next wednesday. I think that's about it seeing as one of the librarians here is a mean, mean person and yells at you constantly and now she's looking at me funny.
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