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Gooch and Anti-semites...

Click the lj-cut to read about MAme casting.
Patrick Dennis, age 10 - John Fitzpatrick
Agnes Gooch - Karen Vinick
Vera Charles - Alison Reinsch
Mame Dennis - Ariana Valdes
Ralph Devine - Andre Mack
M. Lindsay Woolsey - Shawn Edwards
Ito - Alex Giosa
Doorperson - Betzy Rodriguez
Elevator Operator - Aaron Muhlmeyer
Messenger - Milka Ortiz
Dwight Babcock - Paul Curylo
Leading Man - Aaron Steiner
Stage Manager - Kyle Haspeslagh
Madame Branislowski - Brenna Fitzgerald
Gregor - Bjorn Anderson
Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside - Peter Moulthrop
Uncle Jeff - Tom Wise
Cousin Fan - Alice McConville
Sally Cato - Lindsay Regier
Mother Burnside - Bryna Washer
Patrick Dennis, age 19-29 - John Michael Gilbert
Junior Babcock - Brian Freeman
Mrs. Upson - Lauren Pouliot
Mr. Upson - Sean Coughlin
Gloria Upson - Starry Krueger
Pegeen Ryan - Katherine Sama
Peter Dennis - John Fitzpatrick

yay for everyone in the show even though that's not everyone. I'm Gooch, as you can see and Ariana is Mame and Starry is Gloria, awesome. Aaron S. looks sooooo different from what I remember from the JCC. This will be a great show.

Lets get one thing straight, this really only applies to one person. Ok, I don't care how bitchy I might be to someone, you can argue right back I like the challenge seeing as I'm usually right. However, you don't tell a Jew to burn in a Concentration Camp. That is quite possibly the worst thing you can say to me or any Jew for that matter. You join your fucking Knights of Mary Phagan or your KKK, but don't tell me about it. You can draw your fucking swastikas on the desks in school, but know you're being a raving idiot. The reason the world is so screwed up is because of people like you who have to bring religion into every little arguement. People like you hung Leo Frank. People like you persecuted Alfred Dreyfus. People like you enslaved Jews. People like you killed 6 million Jews. People like you are trying to push the Jews out of their homeland. People like you are called anti-Semites and people like you are terrible. Go ahead, call me a kike, a fucking Jew or Jesus-killer... I don't give a shit because it's making you look like the idiot. I have never hated anyone this much. There is a fine line that you have crossed. When will you see that it was not me who was wrong?
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