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Theater People and such...

GOOD TIMES AT THE MALL. Haha, Tony and Heather are awesome! Funny, funny people. We each bought things. Tony bought these thumb rings and one got stuck on his finger, but i pulled it off, yay. He also tripped out of, like, nothing and walked into a glass door and scared some chinese men, but that's besides the point. It was awesome seeing heather outside of theater, she never has time to do stuff anymore! I got new shoes and shoelaces. Tony got the same shoelaces as me; pink with black stars. Heather got cool stuff too, a brand new shirt and a hat and some other things I don't remmeber. We went into spencers... my god, there was a penis pinata, strange. Tony tried on this cowboy hat in pacsun, haha, good times it was funny. Heather got this hat with 3 hamsters on it that says "rolling with my homies". They are cool people. Next time Naomi and Amy have to go with us. I also saw Paola and Jackie there, they are both such nice people it was good to see them. The mall was great, it really was.

"You love your plays. PLAYS AREN'T REAL Karen, you act these people that aren't real because they provide you with some security that doesn't exist. You probably don't like who you are, so you go around living in these plays that mean nothing at all, yet you feel like the wizard of oz is actually the way some shitty play says it is. You think thing happen like in plays and you can go and walk all over people. You go into plays because you've read the script and they're aren't any surprises, you don't know how to handle problems, that's your problem."
Yes, so apparently we theater people are insecure. We hide behind characters we are in the play because we are too insecure to handle our own lives. We like plays because we read the script and there are no turns in the events so we never have to worry about problems. That means we theater people are too dense to handle anything real. Well, clearly, that quoted paragraph full of idiocy was not written by a theater person. Plays are not real, but good actors/actresses can make a play so real that is just brings the audience in. We are given roles to portray because of our acting abilities. I bet you not one theater person takes a role in a play to hide behind it and not face their own life. Quite frankly, theater people are more confident than that seeing as we have to do some pretty stupid things on stage. That paragraph also states that we go into plays after reading the scripts and so there are not any surprises and we won't have to deal with problems. First of all, I have never gotten to see a script then audition for the show unless i was in the play once before. Audtions are surprises because you have to create somthing out of a character you may know nothing about. As for performance time, my God... so many surprises. Someone could miss a cue, a line, the lighting could go off too early, a prop could be missing, a set piece could be missing, somone could get hurt or somthing could fall. Those instances are not planned, they are surprises. We have to work around those surprises. Whether it's making up lines or picking somthing up though it might not being in the blocking. All in all, it would be much appreciated to find out more about theater before insulting it because, honestly, you just made yourself look like an idiot by saying all of those things that could be easily contradicted by any theater person on earth. I act because I like to, not because i "hate myself". You could not, in a million years, do what we theater people do. It takes a lot more to be someone you aren't than run around in circles. So just stop with your ignorant comments.


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