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One Acts...

The one acts were great. They were all so funny and everyone was awesome. Get Over It and Medea were the funniest though. OH and Chicks Act III. They were all awesome and I laughed a lot and it was great. Sorry, i'm rambling. They were so funny. Robbie C. was hilarious, the whole ninja thing. Words, Words, Words was pretty funny as well. Wow, yea. good times. Maybe I'll audition for them next year, it looks like fun. I hope they do a portion of a musical again, maybe I'd get into that one. Godspell was really good, I just don't understand the play itself, care to explain? Yea, they were excellent. Now, to make my weekend perfect... I need to see Harry Potter. A few other things could make it even more perfect, but Harry Potter's good for now.
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