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-- LeAnna's party was pretty awesome. We duct taped that kid, Ben, to a tree and left him there, lol. The best part of the party was deifnitely the fireworks, they were cool. We watched a movie and there were about 5 of us squished onto a 3 person couch, i had an elbow in my hip the whole time. I was told that I am "rockin' the converses". I didn't really know anyone considering they were mostly band kids. Good times though.
-- I really want to see pictures of the scene thingy 'Get Over It' from One Acts just because whenever I think about that play I randomly start laughing. I really need to see pictures from it. Whenever I'd get sad I'll look at them and crack up. Does anyone have any? Brittany M, Ariana, Rachel? Anyone? Please.

Which Broadway show is your favorite because of music?:I'm being cool and trying to pick one play per question this will be hard. Les Miz
Which Broadway show is your favorite because of plot?:Parade
Which Broadway show is your favorite because of everything?:Les Miz
Which Broadway show is your favorite because of its stars?:Wicked
Which Broadway show do you detest the most?:Bye Bye Birdie
Any others?:Annie Warbucks.
Which other ones do you like a lot?:Aida, Phantom, Rent, Annie, Oliver, Miss Saigon, Hairspray, Jane Eyre, etc
Which Broadway song is your favorite because of music?:I really like "Another Pyramid" from Aida, don't know why
Which Broadway song is your favorite because of lyrics?:Defying Gravity
Favorite song in general (not Broadway)?:i don't know
Favorite all-time Broadway song?:On My Own
Do you sing any of these at auditions?:use dto sing On My Own. I'd like to do Defying Gravity.
Can you sing?:i don't judge myself, however.. people say so.
Do you like to sing?:yes
Do you like to sing in front of people?:yes
Do you like to do theatre?:yes
Musical, dramatic, or comedic theatre?:musical
Parts You've Played
What's your favorite role that you've played?:Simeon in joseph...dreamcoat
Why?:because i worked my ass off to get it
Least favorite?:none.
What is your dream role?:Eponine, Amneris or Elphaba. Idina's played 2 outta the 3. Wow, she'd be a great Eponine.
Why?:they are all kick-ass.
Any others?:maybe Meg Giry or Christine Daae in Phantom. Dodger in oliver, Maureen in Rent. Kim or Ellen in Miss Saigon.
Would you rather be onstage or offstage?:on
Why?:it's just better
Are you currently playing a role? (in what?):Agnes Gooch in Mame
Your Opinion
An overrated musical::Music man
An overrated song::i don't know
An overrated composer/playwright::none.
Techies::Yay for them, they are smart
Prima Donnas::no.
Stage moms::I hate them dearly. Thank God my mom isn't one.
Child actors::yaaay!!! i <3 them
Off-Broadway::i see nothing wrong with it
A musical that should have a sequel::none, sequals suck.
A musical that should NOT have a sequel::all, sequals suck.
A musical that exists for no purpose::bye bye birdie.
A musical that should not have been made into a musical::bye bye birdie.
Simplicity or extravagance?:the latter.
Which is most important in the technical aspect: sound, lights, set/props?:set/props
If You Were In Drag... (not if you were the opposite sex, but in drag)
Would you perform on Broadway?:yes
What role would you play (in what)?:mark cohen like whoa.
Would you reveal to the audience that you were not what you seemed to be?:no, he's a man and will always be a man.
Random Questions
Favorite quote?:"to love another person is to see the face of god"
Best ensemble you've ever performed with?:My Fair Lady.
Have you ever met your significant other through theatre?:i've gone out with theater guys, yes.
If so, were you playing the star-crossed lovers?:no
What's a Broadway song that makes you cringe?:honestly sincere from bye bye birdie
About how many shows have you been in?:25-ish
When was your first professional show?:i'm non-equity so i guess none.
Do you share a name with a Broadway character?:not that i know of
Do you want to do theatre as a career? If not, then what?:yes, but if i can't than i'd wanna be a music teacher
Ever been robbed of a part unfairly? Details!:YES!!!!!!!! Ugh, but whatever because I turned around and got a better role in another theater and i can't go into detail because i'll get murdered.
Which is Worse?
Casting kids who can't really act but can sing, or vice versa?:the first.
Being off pitch, or discovering your underthings are showing?:both.
Getting boo'd at curtain call, or having people leave at intermission?:the first.
Being the only on-pitch kid in a group of off pitch people, or vice versa?:vice versa
Being an unappriciated main part, or unappriciated small role?:the latter
Do You Believe...
About the M-word? (Scottish play):yes, i've tried it. worked like a charm. not that the play needed any help being terrible.
You never say Good Luck on opening night?:i never do.
Bad luck to speak the last line of the play anytime before opening night?:no
Shouldn't whistle while you're in the theater?:no
That there is a ghost haunting most theaters?:no
This or That
Carrie the Musical or Superman the Musical?:superman
Cats or Les Miserables?:les miz
Lights or Sound?:lights
Publicity or Props?:publicity
Costumes or Make-Up?:costumes
Lots of lines or One Big Solo?:solo
Bye Bye Birdie or Grease?:grease
42nd Street or Thoroughly Modern Millie?:millie
Zombie Prom or Little Shop of Horrors?:little shop
Neil Simon or Oscar Wilde?:both
Wicked or The Wiz?:wicked
Once Upon a Mattress or Into the Woods?:mattress
Oliver or Annie?:annie
Aida or Camelot?:aida
Beauty and the Beast or Lion King?:lion king
Sutton Foster or Susan Egan?:sutton
The Music Man or My Fair Lady?:my fair lady
Cinderella or South Pacific?:cinderella
Hairspray or Mamma Mia?:hairspray
Rent or The Producers?:both
Fiddler on the Roof or Gypsy?:fiddler
The Sound of Music or The King and I?:sound of music
The Boy from Oz or Taboo?:either one
Stomp or Blast?:ummmm.. i'm nto firmiliar with either.
Annie Get Your Gun or Oklahoma?:ugh... i don't like cowboy plays. probably Annie Get your gun.
Jekyll and Hyde or Phantom of the Opera?:both
Avenue Q or The Last Five Years?:not too firmiliar with either
Pirates of Penzance or Funny Girl?:funny girl
Chicago or Cabaret?:cabaret
If Your Life was a Broadway Musical...
What would it be?:karen;the musical
Who would you play?:myself... original
Who would be your costars?:naomi, courtney and shannon would be leads with me
Who would be your supporting cast?:all of my other friends
Who'd run sound?:leanna because she's cool like that
Lights?:leanna can multi task
Props?:no clue
Publicity?:the president
Music director/conductor?:mrs curylo
More random stuff...
If you would write a Broadway musical, what would it be called?:Finding Nemo; The Musical
What would it be about?:NEMO!
Would you do music, lyrics, or book or get someone else to do it?:i'd want to help other people who are better at it.
If you could be any actor/actress right now, who would you be?:i don't know if i understand this question, so i wont' asnwer.
Any special connections with any shows?:ummmm... connections? what do you mean? I know people who have been on Broadway
What would you like to see made into a Broadway musical?:Camp would make a good musical

broadway! brought to you by BZOINK!
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