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LiL BloNdiE5 1 0: he prally is into like lesbian chicken patty porn

yeaaaaa, good times.
This will be random:

I should most definitely be doing my HW, but whatever. Mr Uriano's going insane. My LJ is definitely peculiar. I mean.. My layout is Rent, my icon is Wicked/Les Miz, my other icons are My Fair Lady and Rent. I want a Wicked layout, however, I'm not too fond of green. I love pink, but I'm more elphaba-ish than galinda-ish. Speaking of Wicked, we were tlaking about Wizard of Oz in math and I got all defensive on Elphaba's part. Though I didn't say the story of Wicked because I don't talk in that class, the people are frightening, besides Seth. I drew Felicia a gorgeous picture of Kyle in drag, sorry Heather. Oh and Ally B and I drew a picture of this strange kid in our driver's ed class, his name is Seth Y. He turns around and smiles at us with his bright yellow teeth and just sits and stares. It's rather peculiar. I can't wait till the Bennet 8th graders go to Washington. I will be rid of my sister for 3 days... heaven. I suppose it isn't good that I'm wasteing time right now. I mean, I'm going into school at 10:30 just because, but still. This is the most random paragraph known to me. I wish I had somthing intellegent to say, however, I can't get into my day here. Oh! Disection.
-- We disected today in Science. It was just grand. Kalie and I were working together. Amy and Issac were together, but all four of us merged. The smell was terrible and I didn't like to see this poor frog who was basically born to die for a lab that is really quite pointless. Kalie cut the frog and I did the worksheets. I almost passed out when she started cutting because I'm weak like that. Then I just sat down and did work. Things weren't too bad until I had to look at its insides. There were a few funny moments, mostly, i was dying. I just can't comprehend the significance of this lab. I did nearly the entire Lab report by using the book. I do expect that if I can get the asnwers out of a book, the computer frog disection Mr Ruede gave to Michelle and Jenn could have worked even better. There are other options besides killing these frogs for the soul purpose of sick teenagers cutting off random body parts. Chris cut his frog's head off, it's so immature how people act. He was ripping off all of the limbs and chopping body parts that needn't be chopped. I mean, it could have been an accident, but it wasn't. It's just pointless when we can learn just as much on the computer. However, Amy found these little yellow balls and asked mr ruede what they were.. turned out to be testicles, pleasant. Kalie accidently popped one of them when she was getting the liver, pleasant again. So Amy and I told her to stop playing with the testicles and we got some funny looks from kids walking through the hallway. We couldn't get more pigs this year, thank God! He says we ran out of money and couldn't get more, I'm so0o0o0o0o happy! I wasn't looking forward to disecting a pig. I really don't like Science.

Yea, sorry about this complete entry full of things that really don't matter. I'm hoping that soon I'll have somthing important to say after I attend to some unattended business. <~~ I think only Jes will understand that, shhh, Jes. It's a surprise.
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