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-- Yesturday I went to Keeney with Stef and we played on the playscape! Brought back elementary school memories. Then she slept over and we made this erally weird thing. It was supposed to be brownies but we added fruit and peanut butter, it was really quite chewy and gross in a good-ish way. Then we tried to watch WYT's production of Bye Bye Birdie, but we coudln't bear it. Bye Bye Birdie is such a terrible play. Then we listened to some Les Miz, Rent and Wicked. Then we went upstairs and watched Lion King 2. Good times.
-- I have to clean today, it makes me mad. It won't take long though. I hope to go out and do somthing, I wonder if the mall's open today. I wish Allie's parents could have their annual memorial day party, but they are adding onto their house. Oh well, there's always the labor day party.
-- Tomorrow is the first rehearsal for Mame! I'm soooooo happy because I love rehearsals, unless I get called clueless by mr tyler just cuz i tripped on my pants that were too long. Anyway, it's a vocal rehearsal tomorrow. I'm singing all of the chorus songs just for the hell of it, but I'm only supposed to sing "We Need a Little Christmas" because Gooch doesn't double in the chorus. I want to go to one of those thrift shops and pick out my gooch costume! I'm good at picking out ugly clothes! I wore some ugly clothes to my Annie audition at the bushnell. Nan Anbri's mom said to buy ugly overalls because all the other girls would be wearing cute dresses and bows which those orphans woudln't wear. Yea, anyway.

Note: There is a tradition that Naomi, Heather and I started last year during Guys and Dolls. And that is to arrange special days where our group of friends would wear pajama pants to the rehearsal. It's our goal this year to have atleast one day where the entire cast wears pajama pants without us making an announcement at rehearsal to do so. I think the pick up rehearsal would be a nice day for that. Anyway, we're wearing pajama pants tomorrow. Feel free to join us, of course.

Tomorrow we have school... yay. Thank God it's a b-day, early release.

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