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Long awaited arrival...

WWIII is about to begin.
Naomi and I are going to win.


support CSYT forever.

don't ask, ok?

:: Profile ::
Name please::Karen
Screennames please::xDreamsWereMade
If you were the opposite sex what you'd be named as::Kevin... =-\
Name you always wanted::Naomi is a really cool name.
SEX? ::look above.
Date of birth::
Age you act::16 i suppose
Age you want to be::16 i guess
Hair color::Brown
Hairstyle::it's up.
Hair you'd like to have::striaght hair.
Eye color::brown
Eye -- big or small::medium i guess.
Eyes you want to have::i'm fine with mine.
House type::Tudor style Colonial
:: Relationships ::
Role in family::sister and daughter
Role you want to be in your family::i'm find with what I am
Relationship with family::eh, not all that close.
Role in school::random person, friend and student
Role you want to be in school::What I am now
Relationship with people in school::I really have a hard time trusting much of anyone, but i like my friends.
:: Friends! ::
Are you an extrovert or an introvert? ::introvert-ish because I really only trust one or two people with my life.
Do you have many friends::never counted.
Close friends or all a wide gang of acquaintances::in windsor, close friends. in manchester, the latter and a few close friends.
Loudest::Paul, Brenna and Tony
Shyest::Naomi's rather shy. and of course corey is like whoa shy. And of course Shannon
Closest::Naomi, Mallory, Paul, Shannon and Tony
One you think about most::doesn't matter.
Funniest::Paul and Brenna
Thoughtful-est::Naomi and Heather and Shannon
Best friend(s)::Naomi, Paul, Tony, Shannon and Mallory.
You've known for the longest time::Stef and LeAnna
You've always gone to him/her for advice::Mallory and Naomi and somtiems Brittany
You trust most::Mallory and Naomi
You fight with most::Tony
Someone whom you're hovering between crush and friendship::I don't need to say that here.
Hate most::He isn't my friend, nor will he ever be again.
Despise most::look above
:: Love :::
Believe in love at first sight? ::not exactly.
Support blind dating? ::no
No-no in dating::what?
Romance or practical? ::hmmmm.. a mixture of both
In love? ::no
Crush? ::yes
Worst thing about opposite sex::a lot of them just don't care about anyone, but themselves.
Best thing about opposite sex::they can be really nice and understanding if they want to be
Most attractive thing that you really melt for::nice eyes
Feel attractive? ::nope
Kissing? ::what do you mean?
Sex before marriage? ::it all depends if you trust them enough.
Flowers? ::sure.
Best gift ever?::can't really think of it.
:: Beliefs ::
Abortion? ::for.
Aliens? ::i hate aliens.
God? ::I believe in God.
Satan? ::no.
Jesus? ::To me, he wasn't the messiah.
Heaven? ::yes
Hell? ::eh, not really.
Where do we go after we die? ::heaven or hell, but mostly heaven only really bad people go to hell like hitler.
Ghosts? ::terrified of ghosts.
Spirits? ::yes
Conscience? ::yes
Gut feeling? ::yes
Santa? ::no, haha.
Tooth fairy? ::nope
Magic? ::not really.
Witches/Wizards? ::Harry Potter <3
Karma and wheel of life? ::not really.
Forever friendship? ::definitely not, that has been prooved to me many times.
The term 'Forever'? ::in certain circumstances
That Good can never exist without Evil? ::Without evil there would be no good because if ntohing bad happens how do you know what's good?
Religion? ::yes.
:: Favourites ::
Food::Lettuce is good
Book::i liked harry potter 3 a lot.
Movie::Camp, 'twas funny
Activity::Performing Arts (and not being i'm insecure and can't face myself)
Class in school::Chorale
Person::Naomi and Brenna
Comic::Charlie Brown!!!!!!!!!
Website::livejournal i guess
Sport::TKD... i miss TKD.
Writer::not sure
Thing::too general of a topic.

all about you ^^ brought to you by BZOINK!
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