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I'm in the library with Sissy and Justine and I'm bored. The brown-haired librarian is really quite mean, it's annoying. She told us all that we had to get off the computers when we deifnitely didn't, so we're all back on. Rehearsal was blah last night. My throat hurt a lot so my singing was terrible. Ariana and Alison were so0o0o0o good though and the dances are pretty good too. I love rehearsals, that's how much of a life I don't have. I want to go to the One Acts tomorrow at School. I think I'll probably go with LeAnna and Amy. Since there's no rehearsal, maybe Naomi can go! I'll have to talk to her later. If I got grades in Spanish i'd have a 35, I should really start turning the work I do in. Caryn and I were going to visit odyssey on the 15th because we don't have exmas, but odyssey ends shcool on the 14th. Argh, I really want to go to that terrible school. I can't wait to see the little odyssey children next year. i'm done.
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