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Today sucked royaly. I finally attended to my other unattended business and I got a "no". Yah hear that, Jes, 'twas a "no". After wasteing my time for 3 months, getting over two of my biggest fears, telling myself i'm not shy, and everything... I got a no. I suppose it's ok though. When I first heard the news I shrugged it off, then 5 minutes later I was pretty damn upset. Upset at the fact that I wasted time, upset by the fact that I actually care and upset by the fact that i broke my back to do this. I would have cried, however, I never cry. I was just really sad and I had to just walk around and wow, i'm not a happy person.
-- Also, Caryn and I were not allowed into the library for study hall due to senior finals and then we had no where to go because no one would give us a pass to study hall and we had to do a project. So we saw other kids leaving the school and we were like "it's only study hall", so we went to her house to work on it on the computer. We come back and get there at 10:30 and Mitch caught us. He asked for our names and everything. It's not like we were doing anything wrong, we were totally skipping out of pure innocence. Whatever, it was only study hall and we were doing a project and i didn't know it was a crime to skip study hall. God forbid the school turns one of their 13978 gyms into an extra library.

Rehearsal will make me feel better, it usually does.
Also, yay for Idina getting Best Actress in a musical!
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