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Yes, because this really is Uriano's homework... no.


First best friend: Allie R.
First car: non-exsistant? I don't even have a licsense.
First date: Back in 6th grade... Zack S. Movies.
First real kiss: Zack S.
First break-up: Zack S after a year.. my first boyfriend, my God.
First Screen name: Harmony488 aw, i even liked music when i was 9
First self purchased album: Phantom of the Opera, lol. I was 10.
First funeral: My nana's
First pet: Nicky
First piercing/tatoo: Ears when i was 11
First credit card: none
First true love: hasn't happened yet.
First enemy: 3rd grade.
First big trip: Disneyworld and the Disney Cruise to the Bahamas


Last cigarette: never had one, nor do i intend on trying one.
Last car ride: yesturday from rehearsal.
Last kiss: a while ago and I'm really not bored enough to figure exact dates for you.
Last library book checked out: The Murder of Little Mary Phagan. (even they said Leo Frank did it, which he didn't.)
Last beverage drank: water
Last food consumed: a slice of tomato.
Last crush: Still currently crushing and I have been since 2 weeks before My Fair Lady ended.
Last phone call: yesturday
Last time showered: this morning.
Last shoes worn: Converse
Last cd played: Currently 'Jane Eyre'
Last item bought: Aida CD
Last annoyance: school.
Last disappointment: a certain happening with some unattended business that i attended to.
Last time wanting to die: really never.
Last time scolded: a few days ago for yelling at my mom. lol
Last shirt worn: carebears

What comes to mind when you hear..

..snow?: cold
..rain?: wet
..tornado?: Wizard of Oz
..summer love?: Grease!!
..Jon?: Fitzpatrick.
..Mike?: My dad
..Shea?: from Summit.
..banana?: Monkey
..dizzy?: ...
..peppermint?: Charlie Brown!
..New Found Glory?: it's a band
..placebo?: ...
..orange juice?: oranges
..candid camera?: that stupid show.
..sister?: Lisa
..brother?: ...
..hate?: imbeciles. i hate them.
..school?: almost over
..President: bush... =-\
..football?: terrible sport.
..rap?: ew.
..pop?: snap, crackle.
..rock?: ecology. bio kind of isn't cool.
..punk?: music
..death?: funeral
..baby?: Bethany, Shawn's baby!
..duuude: The turtle in Nemo!
..the end?: ok.

1. Whats the story behind your screen name?: Qutoe from Les Miz
2. Name five of your favorite pig-out foods: tomatoes, ramen, crackers, ice cream, don't know.. i'm a picky eater
3. Have you ever had a makeover?: no
4. What did you do today?: went to school
5. What's the longest you have stayed out of the country/where?: week in canada and 3 days in the bahamas
6. One thing you're greatful for today?: not being tone deaf.
7.What is your favorite high school memory?: Meeting Amy because she's the awesome-est.
8. What is your worst high school memory?: Yesturday.
9. Describe your dream wedding: never thought about it
11. Name three teachers you liked in high school: Mr Tyler, Mr Ruede, Miss Brown
12. Worst teacher?: Lassoff or Cavanna.
13. Worst fashion trend?: Those sneakers that are see through!
14. The school picture you buried in your bottom drawer?: none.
15. Do you have any weird preferences?: and that means?
16. What is one thing you will never understand about the opposite sex?: just their mentality in general.
17. Who is your best friend?: Naomi, i love you, Naomi!!!!!!
18. Who is your boy/girlfriend?: non-exsistant. oh well.
19. Four things you are doing right now?: Typing and listening to Jane Eyre
20. Give yourself a pornstar name: no thanks.
21. Do you have any weird sleeping habits?: i can't sleep without 2 pillows. If i have one i get insomnia.
22. What do you plan to do this summer?: Theater, Voice, piano and seeing friends
23. What is your favorite song right now?: I Know The Truth - Aida
24. Write a line from any song: "to love another person is to see the face of God."
25. Do you know any Disney song by heart?: yes, of course!
27. Your typical sleepwear?: pajama pants and a t-shirt
28. Whats in your bag?: backpack? books, papers, my script, writing utensils, CDs, CD player and gum.
29. Whats in your wallet?: Money, School ID, Driving Permit, Library Card and Hot Topic card.
30. How much money do you have in your wallet right now?: 30 somthing.
31. What is your favorite pair of shoes?: converses, they are so comfy.
32. If you could've gone to your senior prom in a different outfit, what would it have been?: never been to a prom.
34. Tell us about any of your birthdays: My 13th. It was my Bat Mitzvah! Ah, it was soooo much fun and I want to do it again!
35. Would you rather be a hobbit, an elf, or a dwarf?: A Wizard in Harry Potter.
36. What are the first five things you would splurge on if you were a billionaire?: traveling, clothes, an apartment in manhatten, broadway shows, and more cds.
37. What is your usual Before-Going-To-Bed ritual?: pick out my clothes for the next day.

Grades so far:
Math = B-
English = A-
Chorale = ??
Science = B-
Spanish = I take it for no credit.
History = A+

lets hope I don't have to take the final in Chorale. I'll cry if I do, haha.
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