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Finals and such...

-- I took the Chorale and Bio finals today. I totally messed up the first 2 measures of the sightreading in chorale which threw me off for the rest so i just kind of stodd there. The written portion was easy, as were the chord progressions. It was my first Chorale final ever!! Bio was actually kind of easy. I just hope I did well on it. Tomorrow is History, I think i'll do well.
-- I'm sick and I don't like it. I need to get un-sick soon because I have NO headvoice and Anges Gooch in Mame in a high soprano. Does anyone have any ideas how to get over a horrible cold by monday? I hate being sick, but I am a lot. It seems I get sick whenever I use my AC, but it's soooo hot out. I ran out of cold medicine, it's bad, really bad.
-- I love rehearsals, but I haven't gone because I've been studying. They are so much fun because I love my theater friends. I really want to get to know Aaron Steiner just because he's kind of shy and we were in a play together about 2 years ago at the JCC (Jewish Community Center, for those of you who didn't have a clue).
-- Delain and I are in the same gym class, I hate gym.
that is all.
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